How to quit the game | How to quit the game - PACHINKO PLAY [English]


4. When you are finished playing

Upon wrapping up a play session, should you have a balance remaining, press the card/coin return button (henkyaku button).

The IC card or IC coin containing data on how much you have remaining will be ejected. Make sure to eject this card whenever leaving the vicinity of your machine, for example, when going to the bathroom.
Should your remaining balance be zero, no card or coin will come out upon pressing the card/coin return button.

Should you have winnings or remaining balls as the result of a jackpot, press the call button (yobidashi button) to call over a member of the hall staff. Make sure to have a staff member carry any boxes filled with pachinko balls in for you, as it is very easy for someone not used to their weight to spill balls out of them.

When a member of the hall staff comes over to your seat, let them know that you wish to discontinue play either by telling them or by making an "X" sign with your pointer fingers should you not know Japanese. Follow the staff member, who will carry your payout balls to an exchanger (kokanki).