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Additional glossary

Pachinko hall

The facility that has many various types of pachinko and pachislot machines set up for our customer's enjoyment. The various shops have different services and the player can choose the hall they wish to visit.

Doru box

The box that balls or tokens that came out from the pachinko machine or the pachislot machine are put into.

Change machine

The machine that can exchange the bill such as 10,000 yen, 5,000 yen to 1,000 yen notes.The will be one located inside the premisies.

IC card IC coin

The card or coin recorded that has the winnings information recorded on it. When finished playing you can insert into the [SANDO] and have your money given back to you.

IC card IC coin refunding machine

The machine to change the IC coin/ IC cards that has the information of the balance to the cash. Many halls locate this machine near the counter to exchange.


The balls or tokens that come out from the pachinko machine or pachislot machine.

Exchange machine

The machine to count the balls or tokens automatically.You can get the [KEIHIN/prize] related to the number of balls you have collected.

Exchange receipt

This receipt is the offical record of the number of the [DEDAMA] by the [KOUKANKI/ Exchange machine].

Exchange counter

The place to exchange the [KOUKAN Reciept/ exchange receipt] to the [KEIHIN/prize].

KEIHIN/ prize

Players can choose freely, in relation to the number of the [DEDAMA]. There are [KEIHIN/ prize] such as foods, and electronics. You will be able to choose from any number of great prizes.

SUBETE KOUKAN/exchange all

The staff will ask you when you exchange to [KEIHIN/ prize] at the [KOUKAN KAUNTĀ/exchange counter]. The player can choose whether to "exchange all" or not. If they wish, they will be able stock for future visits. We recommend first time players to exchange all.

KYŪKEISHITU /the rest lounge

The rest area that each halls provides. There are internet facilities, comic books , magazines, and massage chairs inside. Customers are able to use these for free.

HUDA / label

The mark that is attached to the tpo of the machine. Used to notify that a machine that is the object of an "EVENT" or it is the "chance" machine.


The space between pachinko and slot machines. "JUGGLER-SHIMA" is a space that has ranges the juggler.

SOUKAITENSŪ/the total number of revolutions

the number of games that you can play can be checked in the "NAMBĀRANPU"

ŌAATARI KAKURITU/the smash hit probability

The smash hits probability that can be calculated with the following formula: "SOUKAITENSŪ/the total number of the revolution"÷the frequency of the smash hits= "ŌATARI KAKURITU/the smash hit probability". The higher the probability is, the more likely the machine will give out more.


The regular rate is \4 per ball to borrow the ball, though this service is \1 per ball. Thus, the rate will be 1/4 when you exchange the "DEDAMA".


The regular rate is \20 per coin to borrow the token,though this service is \5 per coin to borrow. Thus the rate will 1/4 when you exchange the "DEDAMA".

KEIHIHN KAUNTĀ/The exchange counter where you exchange for a prize

There is a space where a wide range of items are provided and can be exchanged with the "DEDAMA" in each hall. Many various items are provided in each hall. For example there are, sweets, groceries, electrical appliances, CDs, DVDs and games.

Pachinko machine, the names of the surrounding equipments


the call button


the money slot/ ball dispenser


the peg gaps


the box where balls drop




the ball release button


the card/coin return button


the upper tray




the lower tray


IC card slot

CR super sea story in the Mediterranean sea

The most popular models that has the theme about the sea. Many halls place this model and it is a simple game thus we recommend this for beginners.

ŌATARI/smash hit

If the display shows the same 3 numbers, you will enter a bonus game. The [ATTAKĀ] opens and a large number of balls come out. Continuing the [ŌATARI/ smash hits] is called "RENCHAN".

KAKURITU HENDOU/Probability changing

It is the case that when the special nubmers come up during a bonus game. The odds of getting [ŌATARI/ smash hits] will be 10 times more easier to become than usual. Moreover, the next [ŌATARI/ smash hits] will be determined. It is a great chance to be millionaire! Grab your chance on this situation!!

ENSHUTU/Stage effect

There are characters and numbers on the [EKISHOU GAMEN/liquid crystal display]. On the [reach] mode, the game becomes to a special [ENSHUTU /Stage effects] and it is the most easiest situation to get [ŌATARI/ smash hits]. Don't miss it!

RĪCHI/SŪPA RĪCHI・Reach mode / Super reach mode

When you have two of the special numbers on the [EKISHOUGAMEN/ liquid crystal display] and you are one number away from [ŌATARI/ smash hits]. The odds of getting a [ŌATARI/smash hits] are higher if the game becomes goes to [super reach] mode.

DORUBAKO KOUKAN/ exchanging the DORU box

When your box has become full, you can have a new one brought out to you. Let's call the staff to exchange the [DORUBAKO/DORU box].

SUTĀTO KAITENSŪ/ the number of the start revolutions

The frequency of the ball got into the "SUTĀTO CHAKKĀ" can be checked on the "NANMĀ RANPU/Number Lamp". The "EKISHOU GAMEN/ the liquid crystal display" will show numerical change.

Pachislot machine, the names of the surroundings equipments.


the call button


the money slot/ token dispenser


the maximum bet button


token slot


start lever


stop button


the lower tray

JAGURĀSHIRĪZU/ The juggler series

The most popular model in pachislot. The motif of this series is a clown and it is a simple game. There is a [KOKUCHI RANPU/ notification lamp] thus it is recommended for beginners.

BŌNASU GĒMU/bonus game

The situation that all the 3 reels get to the same Bonus game pattern. You can get large number of tokens. Continueing the [BŌNASU GĒMU/bonus game] is called "Renchan".

BŌNASU ZUGARA/bonus figure

When you get three 7s or three "Bar"s and enter into a bonus game. There is a bonus when you can get a large number of tokens, and a regular bonus when you get a smaller number of tokens. Outside of the bonus time even if you try for a MEOSHI the machine's suppression will not stop.

BIGGU BŌNASU/big bonus

The [BŌNASU GĒMU/bonus game] when you come up with all "7"s.Some machines are do not show the figure "7" to be get into the [BIGGU BŌNASU/big bonus].

REGURĀ BŌNASU/regular bonus

The [BŌNASU GĒMU/bonus game] when all 3 figures show "BAR". Depending on the machine there may or may it may or may not be "Bar", it may just be the [Bonus Figure]

SETTEI/ settings

The level that the hall controls each slot machine's token that are going to pay off. Many slot machines range from 1 to 6. If the machine is set to the maximum level of 6, you may get a large amount of tokens pay out from the machine.