How to play pachinko | How to play pachinko - PACHINKO PLAY [English]



2. Playing pachinko

Begin play by turning the handle located on the lower-right of the machine. The further you turn the handle to the right, the stronger the balls will shoot out. Finding a proper balance in shooting strength is the key to playing, as not turning the handle enough will cause the balls to stay put, while turning the handle too strongly will send the balls directly into the exit chute. Try turning the handle to the left and right until you find the right shooting strength.

Aim the balls so that they fall between the peg gaps (bukkomi) located on the Pachinko board.

3. What to do when the machine pays out balls

Landing a jackpot (ōatari) will cause the machine to pay out a large volume of balls. Sliding the lever on the lower tray (shitazara lever) when it becomes full will cause the balls inside to fall into the winnings box (dorubako) placed below.

For halls with no (winnings boxes), turn to page.

After landing multiple jackpots, the winnings box located directly below the lower tray (shitazara) will eventually become full with balls paid out by the machine.
When this happens, use the call button to have a member of the hall staff bring you a new winnings box.

A staff member will arrive with a new winnings box to replace the full one.