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How to behave in the pachinko parlor

There are many original manners in the parlor where you play pachinko and pachisuro. If you don't obey the rules & manners, you will get in trouble with the parlor, or with the other customers. So be careful.

Let's learn the representative rules and manners.

Don't beat the machine you are playing.

The pachinko machines and the slot machines are a merchandise owned to the parlor. Beating the machine violently, leads to the machine broken, thus it is forbided in the parlor. Although sometimes you will be absorbed in the game, when you beat the machine violently, you will be commanded to leave the parlor. So be careful.

Must not use the other people's balls.

Using the other person's DEDAMA is a theft in the Japanese law. If it is detected, you will be arrested for the theft.

Pachinko parlors have many surveilance cameras for the crime prevention so as the casino. Don't use the other person's DEDAMA without permission.

Must not play the machine that somebody is still using.

Don't play the machine that somebody is still using without permission. It does not mean that the player gave up playing just because he or she left the machine. In the case the player left with their balls/coins or one's personal belongings nearside the machine, it means that the player is still playing on that machine.

Also, be careful on choosing the machine you play. Sometimes there are cell phones, cigarettes, lighters or someone's personal belongings on the machine. It means that someone is still play on that machine. Don't play with the machine which has someone's personal belongings left.

Leaving your personal belongings, balls or coins if you want to leave the machine for a moment.

Somebody else may play the machine you were playing if you don't leave your personal belongings, balls or coins, even if you still want to play on that machine.

Must not play and occupy more than 2 machines alone.

You can play only one machine. You are assumed not following the rule if there are your personal belongings/balls/coins left in the other machine.

It is allwed to occupy 2 machines when you transfer the machine on a short time. However, occupying more than 2 machines for a long time is forbided.

Must not occupy the machine for a long time without playing.

For example, just sitting and looking next to others without playing your own machine for a long time is against the rule.

Moreover, leaving your personal belongings/ balls/ coins for a long time is also against the rule.

Many parlors remove the peronal belongings/balls/coins that are left on the machine and opens for the other customers if you leave the machine for more than the regulation time(about 20 minutes).

Before your personal belongings/balls/coins are put away, there will be an announcement of the machine number over a parlor's publc address system. When there are an announcement of the machine you are occupying, go back to the machine.

Don't look at the machine next to you for a long time

Looking at the machine next to you urgently as comparing to your machine is against the rule. Looking at the machine a little is all right, however, looking at for a long time is against the rule.

Basically, don't act what you'll be displeased by the next person does.

Observe the smoking manner

Smoker and also nonsmoker will visit the parlor.

Don't do the act that is against the smoking manner.