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Article 1.Utilization articles

These agreements for uses are summaries of notes on using ( name "This site" hereinafter).

On using this site, please read the attention carefuly. When the users use this site, we interpret as the users agreed to the attention.

Article 2.Prohibitation items

  1. 1. The following action is prohibited on this site.
  2. 2. The action of manipulating or erasing the information of this company and the outsider's information.
  3. 3. Sending or providing a harmful program such as computer virus, and also the action that recommending it.
  4. 4. Obstructing the coduct of this site.
  5. 5. We ordain the governing law as the Japanese law. Therefore the action that transgress that law.
  6. 6. Other actions that are judged improper by this site.

Article 3. Interruption and halt of this site

  1. 1. On this site, if it is applied to the reason below, we will suspend or halt one part or whole part of the site.
  2. 2. The case of maintenacnce check or renewal of the system of this site.
  3. 3. The case of having difficulty in providing the site by the reason of fire, blackout, natural disaster and system troubles.
  4. 4. The case of the telecommunications business doesn't provides the service that is needed to provide this site.
  5. 5. Other cases that the managing company judged that it needs to suspend or halt this site.
  6. 6. We won't assume all responsibility of the damage that user suffers by the occurence of the suspention or halt on this site.

Article 4. Alteration of the utilization article

This utilization articles on this site are able to be altered without the acceptance and noticing beforehand.
When the utilization articles changed, all the articles about this site will be changed to the utilization which is made the latest.

Article 5. The range of the responsibility of this site

  1. 1. The advertisement and the link-page that users access on this site is not the domain of the "". Therefore,we won't assume all responsibility of the damage that the user suffers by using the external site.
  2. 2. In the information appeared on this site, we won't assume the responsibility of the information that is written clearly to be provided by the party concerned except our company.
  3. 3. We won't guarantee the damage you suffer the harmful program such as computer virus by using this site.
  4. 4. We won't the least bear the cost of commincation by using this site.
  5. 5. All the responsibillity of this site to users are prescribed for these articles. In any case, our site won't recompense the user's passive damage, damage caused indirectly, peculiar damage, expense for the lawyer and other damages that is not stipulated in these articles.

Article 6. Copyright

All the information appearing on such as images, sounds, photos, musics and's designs are owned by Agartha or the origin righter's production. It is illegal to use the's information beyond the boundary of private use such as duplicating, pubic transmission, changing the information to sending practicably, without the consent of the copyright holder or the neighboring right person. These illegal action will fall into a crime such as piracy, neighboring right violation.
Excepting the case of prescribing the copyright law, it is not able to use the contents to adapt, changing the contents to sending practicably whatever the purpose or situation is,without the consent of the copyright holder.
Our company doesn't approve contents of our or outsider's copyright, patent right, trade right and any other right on this site. Also, our company doesn't warrant any contents substance on this site.